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Page Contents
280 Kb
Preface to the Catalog
Page 1
290 Kb
SAE Blind Flanges
Pages 2 - 5
288 Kb
SAE Socket Weld In-Line Pipe Flanges
Pages 6 - 7
298 Kb
SAE Socket Weld Elbow Flanges
Pages 8 - 9
289 Kb
SAE Socket Weld Tee Flanges
Page 10
281 Kb
SAE Socket Weld In-Line Tube Flanges
Page 11
281 Kb
SAE Socket Weld Elbow Tube Flanges
Pages 12 - 13
290 Kb
SAE Taper Threaded In-Line Flanges
Pages 14 - 15
283 Kb
SAE Taper Threaded Elbow Flanges
Pages 16 - 17
301 Kb
SAE Taper Threaded Tee Flanges
Pages 18 - 19
285 Kb
SAE Straight Threaded In-line Flanges
Pages 20 - 21
290 Kb
SAE Straight Threaded Elbow Flanges
Pages 22 - 23
290 Kb
SAE Straight Threaded Tee Flanges
Page 24
285 Kb
SAE BSPP Threaded In-line Flanges
Page 25
290 Kb
SAE BSPP Threaded Elbow Flanges
Pages 26 - 33
290 Kb
SAE Butt Weld In-Line Pipe Flanges
Pages 34 - 37
290 Kb
SAE Butt Weld Elbow Pipe Flanges
Pages 38 - 41
292 Kb
SAE Flanged Elbow & Tee Flanges
Pages 42 - 45
294 Kb
SAE Spacer or Gauge Port Adapters
Pages 46 - 49
261 Kb
SAE 4-bolt Flange Adapters
Pages 50 - 53
266 Kb
SAE Connector Blocks, Plates, and Adapters
Pages 54 - 55
171 Kb
SAE Reservoir and Tank Port Adapters
Pages 56 - 57
172 Kb
SAE Split Flanges & Flanged Clamps
Pages 58 - 65
249 Kb
SAE Flanged Heads
Pages 66 - 74
259 Kb
Square In-line Flanges
Page 75
ISO 6162 (Metric SAE J518) Flanges
Quick Ref Guide to Special Flanges & Fittings
(Used for general discussions with our engineers.)
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